Membership Accreditation 

Dec 5, 2021

Praise the Lord that we had our second membership accreditation this year. 37 brothers and sisters have become the members of Hope Of God Church Hong Kong. Each brother and sister was welcomed to be a part of our church and got membership cards from pastor Gavin and Arlene at the stage.

Pastor Gavin shared that to be a member of church is a blessing and he also reminded us three important things to be a member of church. The first thing was our identity. Remembering we are the beloved children of God and follow His mission in our life. The second thing was that we are growing to maturity together. We grow to be a mature believer of Jesus Christ to stand strong and be salt and light for Jesus in this world. The third thing was being accountability in the church. We shall be accountable to one another. As a family of God, we look up for and pray for one another. We also encourage and help one another to follow Jesus together.

After the sharing, pastor Gavin led the whole church to pray together and bless all the new members. We also gave thanks to God for them committing their life to be members of the church. We also pray for the blessings and protection of Jesus upon all the new members!

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