Workshop: Five important things in life

Feb 27, 2022

Praise the Lord for another wonderful day. Pastor Gavin shared about the five key questions in life – Where did I come from? (Origin); Who am I? (Identity); Why am I here? (Meaning); How do I live my life? (Morality); and Where am I going? (Destiny). He shared how we can live our lives as per God’s promises – a life of abundance as described in John 10:10.

Probably many have not thought of these questions, however, we should take time to do so in order that we have a clear direction, and will not regret. The answers should be Bible-based as they will be consistent and coherent, and right believing will bring right living. However, if they are based on worldly factors, they will change with time, culture, etc., which will cause us to be lost and confused.

Where do I come from? Regarding origin, we are made in the image of God as stated in the Bible in Genesis about God’s creation.

Who am I? We are forgiven sinners redeemed by Jesus Christ on the cross. We should clearly knowing our identity that we are dearly loved, and as sinners, we are imperfect and we cannot judge from our own perspective. Instead we should come humbly before Christ and allow Him to lead us.

Why am I here? The meaning of life is Love. It is out of love for us that God sent His begotten Son to die for us on the cross so that we can have an abundant life. No matter what we are facing today when love is the root, the meaning of our actions will be justified. Therefore, we should spread the love that we have received from Jesus and let it flow.

How do I live my life? We live our lives on the basics of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) Morality is the true relationship between God and us. We are reconciled to God through Jesus in order that we can have this close relationship. It is important for us to draw close to God so that we will gradually learn reconciliation instead of confrontation through the love of God. Morality is very important in every decision-making. Only when we know that we, as humans, are imperfect will we allow God to lead us in His Wisdom.

Where am I going? Our destiny is a journey of everlasting life through Christ. Therefore, it is important that we surrender our lives to Him and enjoy the journey through Him.

Pastor Gavin concluded the preaching by reminding us of the importance to reflect on the above questions and ensure consistency and coherence between our answers and the Bible so that we can make the right decisions.

In the afternoon, we had a two-hour online workshop, which is the first of its kind where brothers and sisters were assigned into different rooms to share these five key questions in life. Sister Elaine started with a prayer. There were about 56 brothers and sisters and we were divided into small groups of 4-5, altogether 11 groups for an hour’s discussion. When all of us came back to the main room, the representative from each room shared a summary of their discussions.

From the summary shared by brothers and sisters, all of us found the discussions very fruitful as we heard each other’s views, our concerns, our fears, and we shared our understanding and encouragement too. We could feel the love and bond of our big family and be assured that we are not alone. Pastor rounded up that we have God and each other in our journey. Therefore, remember to draw close to God, meditate on His Words, and surrender to His leading to enjoy the journey.

We thank God for His leading and we look forward to the next workshop. May God bless each and every one. Stay safe and healthy.

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