Membership Accreditation

Sep 10, 2023

Praise the Lord that we had our first membership accreditation this year. Four sisters have become the members of Hope of God Church Hong Kong. Each sister was welcomed to be a part of our church and got membership cards from pastor Gavin at the stage.

Pastor Gavin shared that to be a member of church was a blessing and he also reminded us three important things to be a member of church. The first thing was our identity. We were a part of the family of God. We identified ourselves with the mission of God. The second was maturity. As a member of church, we were encouraged to grow to become mature believers of Jesus Christ. The third was accountability. We should be accountable to one another. We look up for and care for each other, take care of our care groups together, and pray for each other. In doing so, all of us are blessed.

After the sharing, pastor Gavin led the whole church to pray together and blessed all the new members. We prayed for their lives full of God’s protection and full of God’s words. Also we prayed for their hearts to be open to reach out, care and pray for others.

Welcome new members ! And may God’s blessings overwhelming all of you.

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