Youth Camp 2023 

Aug 13-14, 2023

Praise the Lord ! We had about 46 brothers, sisters, and friends came together for our Youth Camp at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. This year, our camp was themed “Surfing,” with the hope that each of us would ride the waves and break through like surfers.

We all attended the Sunday service at the church before heading to the campsite together. The camp began with exciting ice-breaking games, allowing everyone to get to know each other and work together to complete tasks. We all quickly warmed up and knew each other more.

After dinner, we had a main activity called ” Prodigal World浪子世界”.  It was designed to have a similarity of the world, with booths representing different aspects like schools, police stations, hospitals, social media platforms, casinos, sports arenas, and church. Each person received a sum of money and could visit any booth . The purpose is to let the paticipants to go through the unexpected news and major world events so that they can learn the unpredictability of life, and yet we can choose our attitude in facing them. Finally, the end of the world is announced, prompting everyone to reflect on how they should live if given another chance.

The main message conveyed is that even if we have nothing, our Heavenly Father is always waiting for us with everlasting love. When we turn back to Him like the prodigal son, our Heavenly Father rejoices, as He loves us and He has been waiting for us all along. We are grateful that during this activity, one friend accepted Christ as his Savior.

The next morning, we enjoyed playing fun party games to build teams and collaborate. After lunch, we had a spirit-filled praise and worship. Later, we played debate games on funny topics, which brought lots of laughter . Following that, we divided into different groups and played a city hunt game. Each team worked together to complete various tasks, and it was incredibly enjoyable with everyone cheering in joy ! Glory to the Lord ! We then split into groups for fellowship and deeper sharing before leaving the campsite.

Praise the Lord for uniting us in His perfect love !

 Let us keep walking with Jesus in our lives !

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