Youth Retreat Camp

Thank God for Youth Group Annual Christmas Retreat Camp! In the afternoon of 24th December 2009 ….

Friend’s Day

Praise the Lord for our annual Friends’ Day which started with a combined Sunday Service ….

Hope Elite

Hope Elite 2009 was held on October 25, at the Noah’s Ark Adventure Land and with about 50 members joining ….

Water Baptism III

Praise God for the 14 brothers and sisters who dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ through water baptism ….

Bible Conference

Thank God for the breakthrough,please wait for the write-up ….

Worship Revival

Praise the Lord! Hope Worship Revival 2009 took place at Hope Centre on 1st October 2009,the National Day holiday ….

Hope Couples

The Hope Couples 2009 gathered nearly 30 couples at the club house of Apex on September 20 ….

17th Church Anniversary Banquet

Following the anniversary service, brothers and sisters gathered once again in the evening at Kwai Fong Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant. Praise the Lord that more than 430 joining the Banquet ….

17th Church Anniversary Celebration

Praise the Lord for bringing more than 450 brothers, sisters and friends gathered together to celebrate our 17th Anniversary. The theme this year is “The Most Precious Corner” ….