Bible Conference

October 1, 2014

The Bible Conference 2014 was kicked off on 1 October.

This year the theme is “I Receive !”.

The sharing was on Book of Revelation chapter 3, the church of Philadelphia.

The only church that God had commended among the 7 churches in Book of Revelation.

Pastor Gavin reminded the congregation that people need the Lord and that Jesus is the open door. To go through the door we should acknowledge that we are people of little strength so we can totally depend on God.

Following the word of God and keeping Christ in our lives will bring about fruits of obedience. We are made righteous through Christ. By acknowledging His name and trusting Him we can receive. The key is to keep our mind focus on God everywhere we go. We are all to be pillars in the house of God and we are all in the process of becoming one.

Like a tree deeply rooted into His truth and grace,the fruits of peace, love and joy will be evident in our lives.

We can walk a life of freedom because of the good opinion we have from God. When problem arises from the choices of people around us,we are still free and above all problems because of Jesus. He is Grace !

God want us to be in the world so we can bring people to this freedom. Our God is a Covenantal God and we can receive freely and with confidence and peace.

We are here temporary but His protection in our lives is enjoyed.

All redemption is done and Jesus is seated on the right hand side of God. He has given us all spiritual blessing. Jesus is our redemption, healer, creator,Hope, everything ! The favor of God is upon us and the favor of man will be upon us.

The Bible conference concluded with the Word “Amen!” which means that it shall be done as we believe and profess in the Name of Jesus!

Let us practise walking with Jesus and to know Him more and more !

It was a wonderful refreshing time that we had !

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Bible Conference 2015 !

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