Medical Relief II

November 19-24, 2019

Praise God that we embarked on Bohol, Philippines for this round of Medical Relief. The preparation went months ahead and God had provided us with resources that we could not imagine.

Year after year, brothers and sisters responded to the calling of God, to the great commission. It was an encouragement to see many making it a priority  to go.

Joining us in Philippines was a brand new team of young doctors as the original group of doctors are engaged in Medical Relief in their own city. The doctors were so careful in making sure they gave the best possible diagnosis to the patients.

As for our brothers and sisters, they were joyful and fervent or not even more then usual to care and share with the local community who came to seek treatment. This year we even prepared beautiful bracelets to give to the people. They were made by friends and our congregation in Hong Kong.

During the counselling sessions, eye check up or health talk, miracles after miracles were happening before our eyes. God is faithful and he heals those who trust in Him. In some situations, it is beyond our ability but God has a way to bring peace into their heart.

On Sunday, many people came to the Sunday Service. People were receiving God’s blessings as Pastor Gavin preached of God’s love and grace to the congregation. Many responded to the altar call and desperately seeked for the personal touch of Christ. The children were also engaged in Children Church with activities to let them understand the love of Christ.

Praise God for opening way for our church to be involved in His Great Commission. We know that all things are possible because of Him. It was God that we were responding to and throughout the MR, all of us personally experienced walking with Christ.

We wait in anticipation what God will do on this land next year, July 2020 !

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