Membership Accreditation I

June 6, 2021

Pastor Gavin started the Sunday Service by sharing on the Lord’s Prayer. The focus this time was that Jesus Christ is the great “I AM”. In the Bible, there were 7 “I AM” statements of Jesus Christ. Each statement has important meaning to us in our life.

Praise the Lord that we had our membership accreditation after the wonderful praise and worship. 15 brothers and sisters have become the members of Hope Of God Church Hong Kong. Each brother and sister was welcomed to be a part of our church and got blessed by Pastor Gavin and Pastor Arlene. Thank God that we can move on in one heart and one spirit together as a church for God’s mission. Also, we can grow together to maturity. We take care of, are accountable to, and help each other to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. After presenting the membership cards to the new members, the whole church prayed together and blessed all of them.

The sermon entitled “Because He lives, I shall live also” was preached by Pastor Gavin and translated by sister Ivy Chan.  Based on Acts 1:1-3, Pastor Gavin reminded that Jesus not only sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles, but also to us. After His resurrection, Jesus lived on earth for forty days to show the apostles as well as us that he is alive by many proofs and talk about things pertaining to the kingdom of God. Jesus also encouraged us to do things not by might, nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit. Today, we are a part of the mission of Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord has anointed us so that we can share the Gospel and bring the hope of Jesus to others.

In the Old Testament, God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle, where people found God’s grace and mercy. Today, Jesus has fulfilled the symbolism of the tabernacle. Jesus is the salvation and the seal is the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the new members and let’s keep following Jesus together!

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