Youth 16th Anniversary

Jan 22, 2022

Praise the Lord for the Youth 16th Anniversary Celebration!

Our theme of this year is “Stand firm, but be ready for miracles” (穩守突擊,經歷神跡), which is a continuation of last year’s theme.

We started with a spirit-filled praise and worship. In the praise and worship, brother Andy gave thanks for God’s presence and guidance in the past 16 years and proclaimed His mercy and power always upon us.

We had a wonderful testimony from sister Sandy. She shared her testimony of accepting Jesus Christ when she studied in primary school. She thanked God and her mother who brought her to Hope of God Church and let her experience God in many areas, such as in her family, study and ministry in the church. We are really encouraged to see the growth of sister Sandy.

Then sister Ivy preached on the Book of Mark 16:15-18. Through the sermon, we understood God’s original intent for His creation was to function under His blessing. The blessing always leads to a more abundant supply than a miracle, so we don’t need to pursue the miracle blindly. The first thing we always have to remember is to hold on to our faith and stand firm in His word and His grace (穩守), realizing and experiencing the blessings of our salvation. Besides, we need to share the Gospel of grace to the world (突擊). God will confirm His Word with miracles, and we all can experience it. His Word surely helps us to know more of God’s will and reminds us to keep the passion of sharing the love of God in our neighborhoods.

After the preaching, we had an activity time. We divided the congregation into small groups, telling them to think about the question, “Who do you want to evangelize in 2022?” and draw his/her face on a paper plate. After drawing, we shared why we chose them and then prayed for those targeted people. After that, we had a group photo and packed some cupcakes home.

Thank God for the celebration !

Let’s keep following Jesus, keep sharing the gospel, and be built up in Him.

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