Chtistmas Celebration

Praise the Lord for over 400 brothers,sisters and friends to join ….

Christmas Party

30 children & teenagers started flooding in with their parents, guardians as well as the volunteer workers of the Mother’s Choice ….

Friend’s Day

Praise the Lord for the wonderful weather and 300 brothers,sisters and friends joined the picnic ….

Water Baptism III

21 brothers and sisters took the step of faith and was baptized on this special occassion ….

Annual Chuch Camp


Bible Conference

We are honored to co-organize the 2005 International Bible Conference with HGI in Hong Kong ….

Water Baptism II

37 brothers and sisters decided to be baptized on this special Sunday ….

Father’s Day

Fathers should not exasperate their children; instead, they should bring their children up in the training and instruction of the Lord ….