Smile, Care, Love-Giving Masks

We love because God first loved us.
On 1 March 2020, the Cantonese and Youth groups went to different areas near Fuk Loi Estate to share out the blessings.

Christmas Blessing to Fuk Loi 2019

Christmas is a time to celebrate the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.
Goodness & Faithful Group took the opportunity to spread love to the community.

Medical Relief II

Praise God that we embarked on Bohol, Philippines for this round of Medical Relief.

Thailand Mission 2019

Because of the Love of God, 10 brothers and sisters from Strong & Courageous group joined the Thailand mission team and had the mission trip .

Medical Relief I

Praise God as we celebrate another wonderful Medical Relief with about 160 brothers and sisters ranging from 6 to 82 years old participated. As a family, we walked on with Him joyfully.

Thailand Mission

In 2018, our regular mission in Korat and Srisaket.

Medical Relief II

Here we went again for our Medical Relief, this time we were going to Roxas City. It is in the province of Capiz, West Visayas, Philippines.  In fact in this city, we already have regular student and family care groups gathering going on. It is great to have them in the team.

Group 2 Fishing at Sai Kung K.S.W 2018

“Follow Me,and I will make you fishers of men”
Thank God for the wonderful and relaxing day of fishing !

Group 6 Unit 3 Retreat in Taiwan 2018

Experience deeper of God’s grace together !