Christmas Celebration

On Christmas Eve, more than 300 of us came together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Church Picnic

Enjoying the beautiful weather, sharing the tasty food prepared by our brothers and sisters, and designing special kites of our own groups are all lovely memories of our Family Picnic.

Annual Chuch Camp

An Evangelistic Church.

11th Church Anniversary Celebration

We should see ourselves as the link to all our friends and relatives, the link to bring Hope to this world. We held the key to impart the spirit of joy and peace into people’s life.

Water Baptism

No rain or thunders could stop us from cheering 11 brothers and sisters to get baptized on that day.

Father’s Day

A day to thank our fathers and a very practical message on focus in life for those who are fathers.

Bible Quiz I

We had a good time cracking our brains, trying to answer as many questions as possible. It was a great learning opportunity as well.

Health Day

The first action day of Year 2003 took up the issue of health with a theme “How Fit Are You?”.