17th Church Anniversary Cup

In celebrating the 19th Anniversary, we had the Basketball Match ….

Water Baptism II

Praise the Lord! Over 100 brothers and sisters gathered at Repulse Bay ….

Father’s Day

Brothers and sisters gathered in the Hope Centre on this third Sunday of the month to celebrate a very special event honoring someone very important in our life our father ….

Baby Dedication

As A family,it is definitely important to build a strong foundation with God for our children ….

Annual church camp II

“Renewed life” – The second part of the annual camp was a 2-days camp …..

Mother’s Day

A salute to all mothers! We invite all the mothers ….

Annual Church Camp I

“Renewed Life” – Being renewed from time to time is vital in our Christian walk ….

Water Baptism I

Through water baptism, 28 brothers and sisters stepped out their faith to ….

Easter Celebration

It is the time of the year to celebrate the victory of Jesus over death! On Easter Sunday, over 400 brothers and sisters and friends gathered together for this special event at Hope Centre in Tsuen Wan ….

Blood Donation

Praise the Lord for about 70 willing hearts and finally 56 successively give blood on our Blood Donation Day on 27 March 2009 ….