18th Church Anniversary Cup

Praise the Lord for the Hope anniversary Basketball Cup 2010 ….

Water Baptism II

Praise the Lord that 41 of our brothers and sisters, 15 of which are children from the Children Church ….

Father’s Day

Praise the Lord that 8 accepted Christ in the Father’s Day ….

Blood Donation

Praise the Lord that more than 130 came and at the end,there were 96 successful blood donors ….

Hope Elite

Praise the Lord that nearly 100 brothers and sisters participated in this event ….

Mother’s Day

Praise the Lord for the Mothers’ Day celebration ….

Water Baptism I

39 brothers and sisters took the step of faith yo receive water baptism ….

Mission Sunday

Mission Sunday started with great Praises to the Lord and brought the congregation to dream big for the Lord ….

Easter Celebration

Hallelujah! Over 400 brothers and sisters and friends gathered at Hope Centre to celebrate ….

Youth Crusade

Praise the Lord for the miraculous, memorable,and the first open-door crusade held by the Youth Group! ….