Christmas Celebration

It was an ever- most chilly Christmas ….

Friend’s Day

Over 500 brothers, sisters and friends took part in the Friends Day this year. Praise the Lord ….

Worship Revival

The looks of anticipation and cheers of excitement filled the air of the church ….

Bible Conference

Gold, Garment, Ointment ….

Hope Couples

Praise the Lord for a great time of fellowship among the couples. With the theme “Love, more love” ….

19th Anniversary Banquet

In the evening, the congregation gathered again at the Paramount Banquet Hall, Megabox, Kowloon Bay for the 19th Anniversary Celebration Banquet ….

19th Anniversary Celebration

Praise the Lord! By the grace of God, it comes to the 19th Anniversary of our church ….

Church Recap

Recap for the 19th Anniversary Banquet (Part 1)