Youth Carnival

Smile, Care, Love – Praise the Lord! It is amazing how God uses the Youth ….

Christmas Celebration

The theme of this year Christmas service is “The Newborn king”. Indeed it is a celebration of our great King’s birthday….

Baby Dedication

It was a special day ….

Friend’s Day

Over 500 brothers, sisters and friends took part in the Friends Day this year ….

Water Baptism III

Praise the Lord for the wonderful day ! ….

Worship Revival

As the screen brightens up showing the opening ….

Bible Conference

“First Love” is the theme of the Bible Conference 2012. Over 400 brothers and sisters attended the 3-day event ….

Hope Couples

Praise the Lord for the Hope Couple 2012 ….

20th Anniversary Service

Praise the Lord for His “Grace up Grace” ! ….