Annual Church Camp – Life Put on the Spirit of Christ

This year we successfully carried on with our annual church online despite the Covid 19 restriction. This is the time ! We need God’s Word ever more especially during this unexpected prolonged season in our lives. The two days was filled with God blessings presence through His words — Life Put on the Spirit of Christ.

Workshop : Five important things in life

Praise the Lord for another wonderful day. Pastor Gavin gave a sermon on the topic ” Five important things in life”

Lunar New Year 2022

Pastor Gavin greeted all the brothers and sisters to have a happy Lunar New Year (LNY).

Family Series: Courtship II

Pastor Gavin gave a sermon on the topic “Relational Person”, which was related to the afternoon workshop about courtship.

Youth 16th Anniversary

Praise the Lord for the Youth 16th Anniversary Celebration!
Our theme of this year is “Stand firm, but be ready for miracles” (穩守突擊,經歷神跡), which is a continuation of last year’s theme.