Year-end Thanksgiving Celebration

On this very last day of 2023, brothers and sisters gathered to thank God for His leading throughout the year while looking forward to receiving 2024

Christmas Celebration 2023

Merry Christmas ! The theme of this year’s Christmas Celebration is “He reigns forever”.

Blood Donation 2023

Praise the Lord ! This year, we carried on our collaboration with Red Cross to organize our annual blood donation at Hope Oasis.

Baby Dedication

Praise the Lord ! We are delighted to organize the first Baby Dedication at Hope Oasis !

Membership Accreditation

Praise the Lord that we had our first membership accreditation this year. Four sisters have become the members of Hope of God Church Hong Kong.

Youth Camp 2023

Praise the Lord ! We had about 46 brothers, sisters, and friends came together for our Youth Camp at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village.

Water Baptism

Thank God for bringing us this beautiful sunny day !
On this day, 14 brothers and sisters were going to take Water Baptism to affirm their dedication to follow Jesus. Hallelujah !

HOT-Adventure II

Thank God for being with us !
The 7-week journey of reading the book of Genesis had been completed, over 100 brothers and sisters gathered at Hope Oasis

Father’s Day 2023

Praise God that we had the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day together and express our love to our dads in church!

HOT-Adventure I

Praise the Lord for His leading along our life journey! This is a newly launched activity aligns with the slogan of year 2023 “Let Us Embark This Life Adventure, With Faith We Sow And Take Root In Him”.